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yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. we begin tonight with some sad news about a very popular public person. former first lady, betty ford,
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has died. good evening, i'm dorine gensler. >> betty ford passed away at the age of 93. she was the wife and widow of the nation's president. as the first lady during the '70s betty ford was outspoken about women's rights and public in her fight against breast cancer and alcoholism. nancy reagan, another former first lady, released a statement tonight. it read in part "betty was jerry ford's strength through very difficult days in our country's history. i admired her courage in facing and sharing her personal struggles with all of us." bruce hall has our report. >> reporter: elizabeth ford, better known as betty, never expected to be first lady. >> i do gerald r. ford. >> reporter: she was thrust into the spotlight after water gate claimed the presidency of richard nixon.
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>> the event that probably had the biggest impact on my life was the day my husband took the oath of office as president of the united states. >> reporter: she married gerald ford in 1948 and began her life as the wife of a politician and a mother and housewife. >> i like my career as a housewife and a mother and i think my life has been much fuller and much broader, and i'm happier than i would have been in what is somewhat a narrow life that you have to give up everything to become a professional. >> reporter: as first lady, ford was vocal, speaking out in support of women's rights. when faced with breast cancer in 1974, she spoke openly about the disease and her mastectomy. two topics not discussed in public in those days. ford also spoke openly about her battles with alcohol and drugs, and established the betty ford treatment center. once out of washington, mrs. ford rarely stepped back into the political spotlight, making
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only a few public appearances with other former presidents and their wives. but she remained active in the causes close to her heart. bruce hall, nbc news. >> gerald and betty ford lived in this house in alexandria for much of their time in the washington area. it's on crown view drive less than a mile from the george washington masonic national memorial. it's on virginia's list of historic places. for more on betty ford we invite you to our website, they hit hard and fast today. when they did, storms this afternoon dumped a lot of water on parts of our area. some of us saw flash flooding, others trees knocked down and power outages. we'll have reports from the hardest hit spots, but first, we go to chief meteorologist with more on the rain that's still on the way tonight. huh, doug? >> we're still looking at showers out there right now. all the heavy rain is out of the picture. see how it's been over the past
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couple of hours. that line of storm that came through here, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, bringing with it torrential rains across parts of the area. now, however, things a little bit different. we're looking at the heaviest rain toward the delmarva and toward ocean city in maryland. along the i-95 corridor, we're seeing shower activity. light shower activity. that shower activity will continue to move into southern maryland over the next half hour to about the next hour or so. then i think that is going to be about it. and we are in for some spectacular weather over the weekend. i'll update you on that weekend forecast coming up just a couple of minutes. jim? >> thanks. downtown frederick is no stranger to flooding. the speed with which the rain water backed up today caught some people by surprise this evening. darcy spencer spoke with some of the folks that recorded the flooding with their cameras. >> i couldn't believe it because it came down so fast. >> reporter: this cell phone video shows market street, historic downtown frederick. it turned into a raging river in a matter of minutes.
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a flash flood filled the street, stranding residents and bringing business here to a stand still. >> it got crazy. the entire sidewalks were covered. the street was rolling rapids as cars came by, tiny waves came up on to the streets. >> reporter: leanne shot this video of the water washing up closely to olive's italian restaurant where she works as a general manager. >> we had to bank dirty linen s against our kitchen door. our alley started to flood and signs started floating away. >> it was all the way up to the door handle. >> reporter: at mcgoo's pub and eatery, two feet of water fill the basement. they're mopping up and fanning the floors. damage was minimal. >> it does come down fast and furious every once in a while. this was a big one. market street was a river. >> reporter: things are pretty much back to normal. you will find trash bags where people picked up debris that was left behind. fredericks's flood control system at carol creek spared the
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historic from disaster. it was built after the city flooded in the 1960s. >> underneath that aring a arin aqueducts. >> reporter: this shows cars about to float away at a condo complex. you were showing the water came up to the sign here? >> came up about right here, right past the sign. see where everything just rest underneath the car and everything. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. closer to washington, the storm took a toll on trees and power lines and led to yet another difficult commute home for many across the area. jackie bensen continues our team coverage. she's live in bethesda. >> reporter: as usual, most of the damage and inconvenience was caused by this area's large, old trees. people ran for cover as the skies opened in the humid late afternoon, grabbing for umbre a umbrellas or whatever they could
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use to try and keep dry. >> a neighbor here told me about it. i rushed right down here. >> reporter: at the height of the rain storm, a century old poplar trees fell on the grounds of the century-old scotland zion church in potomac. the huge tree missed the little church. >> it didn't hit the building. hit benches we had out front. knocked down electric wires. we still have power in the church. sends a good message. maybe next time it will hit the old building, we can get a new church. >> reporter: montgomery county police officers took matters and a chain saw in hand after a tree fell across busy tuckerman lane in the cabin john area at the height of rush hour. just down the road, power lines and utility lines were sagging and in some cases snapped in two. possibly the result of a surge when the tree fell. small creeks that are barely noticeable most days quickly rose toward their banks with the accumulated rain water.
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the ground is still very wet in a lot of places so we could see more trees come down overnight. dorine, back to you. >> jackie bensen reporting. there are still thousands of people in our area without power. pepco reports 3 600 customers without electricity. dominion power restored the juice to all but 250 customers in northern virginia. bge has 1900 customers without power right now. the space shuttle "atlantis" continues its journey to the international space station tonight short of 12 hours after its historic launch this morning. >> engines up and burning. two, one, zero. and liftoff. the final liftoff of "atlantis" on the shoulders -- >> "atlantis" lifted off on the final shuttle mission for nasa. its crew will deliver supplies to the international space station on a 12-day mission. nasa is retiring the shuttle program after more than 30 years
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of service. almost a million people we're told gathered in the florida area to watch the launch. this evening, the white house released a photo showing president obama taking a moment to witness the launch as well. still ahead on news 4 tonight, what caused a geyser in fairfax county and the impact on traffic. casey anthony verdict has spurred a new law in states all over the country. the royal couple arrives in the united states for a quick weekend visit. playing with your friends? i am playing with my friends. hey, mrs. d... joseph? sarah! it's mommy's turn now. let's go. [ male announcer ] the average home has over four internet-connected devices.
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water main break sent water shooting high into the air in fairfax county this afternoon and created a big sinkhole along hunter mill road and oakton near the intersection with vale road. it remains shut down tonight. it's not clear how long it may take crews to fix remain and repair the hole in the road. the lawyer for a woman accused of killing her co-worker in a yoga store in bethesda is preparing for a trial, not a plea. a judge set the date for brittany norwood's trial for october 24th. norwood is accused of killing jayna murray inside the lululemon store in march. police say norwood beat murray to death after he confronted her about stealing store
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merchandise. after the court hearing today, norwood's lawyer is not ruling out the possibility of addressing his client's mental health. >> in a serious case like this, you have to explore every possibility. as you go along you discover certain things in a case. our investigation is still continuing. we're looking into our client's background. we're trying to keep that as an option. >> in the meantime, norwood will remain in jail in montgomery county. widespread outrage at the verdict in the casey anthony trial could change the law in more than a dozen states. many lawmakers are supporting something called caylee's law which would call for felony charges against parents who do not quickly report missing children. the florida version of the proposal already has some 700,000 signatures. earlier this week, casey anthony was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. caylee anthony was missing for more than 30 days before police were notified. coming up tonight, a
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celebratory meet and greet for patients of a remarkable kidney swap in maryland. it's annoying, it's unmistakable, but is it criminal? one police officer thought so. we'll have details.
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the biggest stars in hollywood tonight have nothing to do with blockbuster movies. prince william and new wife kate
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arrived in los angeles for a weekend visit. jinah kim reports on their itinerary and media circus that's sure to follow. >> reporter: the duke and duchess of cambridge touched down on u.s. soil late friday afternoon greeted at los angeles international airport by an entourage that included the governor and first lady of california. they were immediately whisked away to the beverly hilton hotel in beverly hills where the newlyweds turned to venture capital conference into a major celebrity event. >> we have a future king here. >> reporter: prince william and kate were there to promote the united kingdom's version of silicon valley before an audience of ceos and potential investors. it is kate and william's first trip together to the united states and it's brought out royal watchers from as far away as scotland. >> we adore them and think they have a great marriage and we happen to be here at the right time. >> we watched the royal wedding then we started planning because we heard they were coming to l.a. >> reporter: earlier friday the prince and princess wrapped up
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their nine-day canadian tour with the calgary stampede where they dressed like the locals and mingled with vips right up until their flight to the u.s. southern california is the couple's only stop during their three-day u.s. visit. though their close friends elton john and david and victoria beckham have homes here, they'll stay at the british consul's mission in l.a.'s historic hancock park. tomorrow prince william plays in a charity polo match in santa barbara then they'll promote the british film industry at a black tie event. jinah kim, nbc news, beverly hills. >> who doesn't enjoy a trip to the beach in the middle of july, huh? four elephants from denmark's national zoo got their chance to play in the surf. they seem to enjoy it. the trip to the beach is an annual event that attracts hundreds of animal lovers and they were not disappointed. the elephants put on quite a
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show before they went back to the zoo. >> but the beachgoers waited a little while before they got in. >> and the cleanup guys. >> yeah, that's something you just don't see every day. >> that's true. denmark, too. >> our beach weather is looking good for this weekend is sounds like. >> it really is. people out there in ocean city right now, down at the beaches, not good at all right now. heavy rain down there. right now it does look like tomorrow is going to be fantastic and looking at a great weekend. we saw a lot of rain across the area today including right there at the airport over half an inch of rain fell at the airport during the day today. right now, we are on the dry side. some light shower activity moving through parts of the area. the airport right now is on the dry side. there is some rain down toward the south. shower activity right along i-95 down into prince william county move into charles county now. also down into stafford county around the fredericksburg region which was hit hard earlier today. reports from stafford county, heavy rain coming down. all that rain made its way across southern maryland and now making its way toward the
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beaches. this rain was coming through earlier today. you can see back toward the west, here it comes. big-time thunderstorms as well. we saw a lot of lightning with those storms. yes, we did see severe weather. things are starting to settle down. high temperature before the rain came in, got up to 87 degrees. we did see .6 of an inch of rain. we needed that rain. some areas saw over 2 inches of rain. that did prompt a lot of flash flood warnings out there. really most of the state of maryland at one point had a flash flood warning during the day today. currently 75 right now. winds out of the north at 8 miles an hour. the northerly wind is going to help to cool things off, help to make us drier tomorrow. not quite as humid as it was today. 72 in frederick. 73 sterling and ma nas suss. fredericks burgs and leonardtown at 73 as well. sterling, an inch and a quarter of rain there. almost 2 inches in frederick. over 2 inches of rain in annapolis. some areas definitely helped
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with the deficit we've seen as far as the rainfall is concerned. right now it looks like things are going to be calming down traumaticallm dramatically. the dry air in behind the system is coming in tomorrow. it will push to the south and east. we're in for a great weekend. tomorrow morning, clouds early. 64 to 71 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, becoming mostly sunny. warm. a bit humid. a great day. 86 to about 90 degrees. as we move through the next couple of day s we're going to look good toward the beaches and the bay. if you're thinking about taking the boat out tomorrow or heading toward the chesapeake bay beaches, saturday and sunday look good. temperatures in the mid 80s. beaches looking good. saturday 87 degrees, sunday, temperatures around 89. winds shifting around a little bit. not going to be problems down there. 92 degrees inland. 94 on your monday. tuesday a high of 93 with a chance of shower activity with a frontal boundary. as we look toward next week, temperatures in the mid to upper
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80s. >> nice to have good weather coincide with the wheeeekend. >> all right. >> thank you. >>
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every pitcher's worst nightmare. >> and manager's nightmare. what happened in the fourth inning, nats prompted davey johnson to say it's the worst nightmare. lennon got hit in the head by a line drive. no broken bones. lennon suffered a nasal contusion. nationals starting a three-game series against the rockies before the all-star break.
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he had a 1-0 lead in the top of the fourth when he gets carlos gonzalez swings. three batters later, ty wig gi is at the plate. this is where it happens. look out. into his face. see it again. gets his glove up. that still hurts. down to the ground. gets back up. walks right to the dugout. no broken bones. just a nasal contusion. manager davey johnson doesn't expect him to miss his next start. bottom four, nats trail 3-1. ramos delivers a souvenir to the fans out on a red porch. solo home run. eighth of the season. nats cut the lead to 3-2. here we go. rally caps on in the bottom of the ninth. nobody out. runner on first for jayson we h werth. huston street. chris iannetta. brian bixler trying to advance. rally kill it. the nats lose it 3-2 the final.
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let's go to boston. orioles taking on the red sox. check out the body language from buck showalter. runners on first and second for david ortiz. zach britain's fast ball. three-run homer. 19th of the year. makes it 4-0 red sox. part on an eighth run first inning. kevin gregg, pitching ortiz. ortiz says don't do that again. bullpen clears for a minute. we play on. next pitch, ortiz pops up. gregg encourages him to run to first base. ortiz needs to be closer to hear that. what did you say, my friend? charges the mound. the two grown men appear to go at it. no punches are really thrown. like a bad sumo wrestling match. big pop and the red sox however beat the orioles 10-3. baltimore lost 10 of its last 11 games. hockey news, capitals traded eric fair to the winnipeg jets in a fourth round draft pick in
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the 2012 nhl draft. 52 games last season, fair had ten goals and ten assists. according to a report the caps free up $2.2 million in salary for next season. golf now. fairfax native steve morino two shots off the lead at the john deere classic. started the round at the back 9 this morning. tee shot from 140 yardsbeauty. couple feet, he'd knock that in for birdie. number two, 22 feet away, morino putting with precision, shoots a 66 in the second round. tied for second at 12 under par trying to win his first pga tour event. he'll be chasing this man who had reconstructive knee surgery last year. posted a 62 this afternoon. holds a two-stroke lead at 14 under. we're in colorado springs where the squirrels and the usga are hosting the u.s. women's open. second round action. stacey lewis, number five, putting for birdie. tracking right into the hole.
11:26 pm
gets that to go. lewis tied for second at 2 under through 16 holes. i. k. kim in first place at 4 under. play was suspended because of weather. they'll have plenty of golf to make up this weekend. the squirrels won't mind. they have their snacks ready to go. you're supposed to laugh. >> it's the sports and nature report tonight. thanks. >> you're welcome. still to come tonight, one woman commanding attention and
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kidney donors who took part in a rare triple swap in baltimore last month met their recipients for the first time today. the six include a married couple, fraternal twins, a grandmother and a member of her church. each recipient had originally picked a donor who turned out not to be a match, but then the
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doctors set them each up with strangers through a paired kidney exchange program. the swap took more than 12 hours to complete. doctors say multipatient swaps like this expand the donor pool helping more people waiting to get kidneys. we all know that music. usually we welcome it. especially on a hot summer day. but it's apparently making some people angry up in massachusetts. this guy named gilbert who recently got a $100 ticket for playing that music in his ice cream truck too loudly, according to the cop who gave him the ticket. the cop complained that harp set up outside a high school graduation ceremony, had that thing going like that. harp said he's just trying to make a living, says he's going to fight that ticket. playing with your friends?
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i am playing with my friends. hey, mrs. d... joseph? sarah! it's mommy's turn now. let's go.
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for the first time in the history of the u.s. marine corps, there's a woman in charge at paris island. brigadier general loretta reynolds is in command at the marine corps training facility in south carolina. in addition to being the first woman to run the island, reynolds is the first female marine to ever hold a command position in a battle zone. she's a native of baltimore, a graduate of the naval academy. she has served here in washington as well as at quantico and in iraq and afghanistan. that's our broadcast for now tonight. >> have a great weekend.

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